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Allergen Test Kit

Finally, there is an easy, affordable, straightforward way to test your building for Indoor and Environmental Allergens!

The EMSL Allergen Test Kit contains all the instructions and supplies needed to help you test for Indoor and Environmental Allergens.  These allergens include: Dog, Cat, Rat, Mouse, Dust Mite & Latex Allergens.  The kit also includes a pre-paid postage envelope back to our laboratory.

Why Test for Allergens?

Allergens may be accumulating in your home and impacting your family's health and quality of life.  Common allergens come from dogs, cats, cockroaches, dust mites, latex, rats and mice found in homes. Additionally, exposure to allergens over time can lead to sensitization or development of allergy & asthma symptoms, so it is important to test for the current levesl of allergens in your home.

When to Test for Allergens?

If you or other family members have known allergies or asthma problems.

Before purchasing a home or moving into a rental apartment.

When family members in the house are having health concerns that may be attributable to allergens.

You just want to make sure your house is safe for you and your family.
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